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Developmental psychology is basically the study of mental competence of an individual in terms of logic, emotion and morals. This study takes into account the process by which one adapts and gains the abilities of motor functions and conflict resolution.

Developmental psychology also aids individuals that encounter growth issues and are unable to manage life according to their age. This requires developmental psychologists to consider the impact of social norms and culture on a person. Proper knowledge of how an individual evolves socially, morally and intellectually in various environments is essential to gain. Major areas that are studied in relation to an individual development are problem resolving skills, perception according to their culture and school of thought.

There are various developmental psychology schools in Missouri in which one could study this discipline. The process of learning begins at the bachelor’s level however; the adequate knowledge for this profession could be gained through a PhD degree. At the undergraduate level one learns various stages of development in a person’s life. In a master’s program students are trained to utilize statistical tools of analysis to comprehend the stages of development within a specific society. This requires evaluating personality development and mental and physical abilities. At the PhD level, psychological evaluation of spatial thinking and neuro-cognitive processing is taught to students by the professional faculty members of reputed psychology schools.

In the Midwestern state of Missouri 720 active professional psychologists worked in the year 2011. Their average annual income in that year was $57,080 while the highest earners had yearly income of $88,050 in 2011 (BLS). Development psychologists could professionally function in prisons or juvenile delinquent centers where they could evaluate prisoners and changes that occur in them with time. They could even work as school counselors where they aid students to develop intellectually and socially.

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