Developmental Psychology Programs in Mississippi

Developmental psychology is a scientific study by which mental development of an individual is evaluated throughout their life span and any kind of mental processing inabilities are treated. This subject attempts to understand one’s abilities to function as a part of society and the impact of cultural norms on a personality.  

Developmental psychologists attempt to understand an individual’s motor skills and psycho physiological abilities. The distinctive traits through which developmental psychologist evaluates individuals are their moral outlook, understanding, and communication skills. These psychologists have to consider the external or environmental factors that affect development of an individual, mentally and physically. Factors such as society’s culture and economic conditions are also studied. Developmental psychologists attempt to aid individuals that have mental processing disabilities in concentrating, comprehending and resolving issues.

One could begin to study psychology from the bachelor’s level in one of the developmental psychology schools in Mississippi. The popular qualification to practice as a professional in this field is a PhD, after which it become necessary to gain a license. At the undergraduate level one learns the impact of family dynamics on the development of children and elderly. At the graduate level, one comprehends the communication skills that are developed with time along with the thought process. At the doctorate level, one attempts to learn the impact of global society and cross cultural development. There are many schools and colleges in Mississippi that might be given preference while selecting an accredited school to study.

There were 230 psychologists employed in the state of Mississippi that earned an annual mean wage of $53,390 in the year 2011.10% of the highest earning of these psychologists was $82,100 in that same year (BLS). Developmental psychologist could perform duties as researchers, guidance counselors, clinical therapist’s probation officers and case mangers on the basis of their qualification and experience.

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