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The field of developmental psychology attempts to understand the changes seen in a human’s characteristics over their respective life spans. This is a study that focuses on the psycho-sociological impact of various advances on individuals living in a society.

Developmental psychology evaluates the intellectual, emotional and logical development of a person in relation to the society in which one survives. It does so by evaluating a person’s cognition abilities in terms of their moral stand, conceptual comprehension and communication abilities. This field studies the gradual accumulation of knowledge and experiences that impacts perception or point of view of an individual. The main factor considered by a developmental psychologist is the social context and its affect on individual’s mental development.

In developmental psychology schools in Minnesota one could find degrees from bachelor’s level till PhD. In a bachelor’s program one learns about the development of children and adolescents in terms of their respective family dynamics. During a graduate study program, students understand various processes by which a human mind develops. This includes psycho-social and cognitive development. One learns how an individual’s abilities to communicate develop over time. In a doctorate program one evaluates the level of maturity at various stages and assists people in overcoming disabilities of mental processing. One of these degrees might be earned from online schools, while campus-based college programs are also quite famous. Students must have a doctorate degree if they actually want to practice as a psychologist at various places.

In the year 2011, there were 530 employed developmental psychologists that earned an annual mean income of $71,290. The highest earners in this field in the state earned $112,280 per year (BLS). Developmental psychologists could work in various fields such as aiding students with learning disabilities in educational institutes. They could even serve as researchers attempting to discover new methods of assisting and treating others.

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