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Humans are in state of constant evolution mentally, emotionally and intellectually. There are instances in life for which one might not be mentally prepared. This could affect a person psychologically and certain changes might appear with the passage of time. To study these changes is not possible for everyone, only through knowledge a person’s mental and physical condition could be observed and analyzed. Developmental psychologists are the professionals who might help people during different stages of life.

Developmental psychology attempts to understand how the affects of external environmental factors changes the mind of a person. As society affects the development and morals of an individual, therefore its evaluation and study becomes necessary. This discipline attempts to understand how an individual evolves psycho-physiologically in relation to motor skills, conceptual basis and communication. This study takes in to consideration the variations present in the environment that are adapted by an individual during divergent stages of life.

There are many established developmental psychology schools in Michigan which offer undergraduate to doctorate level degrees. The required degree to practice as a developmental psychologist is a doctorate. Learning begins from the undergraduate level in which one focuses on the interrelated affects of social, biological and sexual changes in a human at each stage of their life. The master’s program in this field trains one to understand the processes by which human abilities of cognition, recollection and communication develop over time. The decorate program in this study allows one to evaluate the spatial thinking abilities and the neuro-cognitive processes of an individual.

Developmental psychologists might work in a variety of settings. With such qualifications one could become a school psychologist that assists children for their learning or social issues. One can even work in public welfare community as a case manager. The state of Michigan employed 500 such professionals who have earned an annual mean wage of $73,060 in the year 2011. (BLS)

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