Developmental Psychology Schools in Massachusetts

Being the 3rd most densely populated state of the US, Massachusetts has been successful in expanding its healthcare sector. The field of developmental psychology holds a great significance in this state. You might easily find jobs in industries of higher education, healthcare, and tourism if you want to be a developmental psychologist. It might then be essential for you to look for developmental psychology schools in Massachusetts. Before entering any of these accredited colleges, you should know about the major duties that you might be performing in the years to come.

Your main responsibility might be to do scientific study to approach human beings who are experiencing changes. In this field you might not only focus on young ones but you could even cater issues of adolescents, adults and elderly. All the issues that come along with the age and development might be treated by you. Some other changes that occur as a result of emotional development, cognitive development, moral and physical growth might also be dealt by you. You might also be studying personal characteristics and behavior of people to help them get treated. You might be hired in psychiatrist clinics, rehabilitation centers and mental health clinics.

Major areas such as physical, social and cognitive development are taught in proficient developmental psychology schools of Massachusetts. You could look for any school according to your locality as they offer degree programs from bachelors to doctoral level. You might be interested in knowing that these programs include research, seminars, thesis and practicum. Doctoral degrees take maximum 7 years to complete along with an internship or residency whereas a master’s degree could be completed in 2 years.  An average salary of $59,000 per year is paid to developmental psychologists in Massachusetts (

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