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There are certain requirements that must be met if you want to enter any profession. These requirements have to be completed as the state you are residing in might not allow you to work otherwise.  

Educational and licensure requirements to be a developmental psychologist also vary somewhat in every state of the US. If you want to pursue a career in developmental psychology in Maryland, then the first thing is to know about the developmental psychology schools in Maryland. A PhD program in this field might prepare you to work in different high-tech facilities as well as universities and clinics. You might be assessed carefully by oral and written tests, examinations at the end of each semester and a thesis. Some courses that might be taught to you in this program are family influence on child, human psychological learning, psychometric theory, development and education of cognition.

As a developmental psychologist you might be studying the changes that are seen in individuals during a life span. Through scientific studies you might be able to recognize people from different cultures and societies as how they are progressing with time. The aspects that might be recognized by you are social and biological processes. As a child grows and reaches up to the age of 25, his/her development in terms of cognition, personality and social changes might be observed and understood. And if during diagnosis you might find any kind of abnormality in growth then it would be necessary for you to treat it.

It is quite possible that you get employed right after completing your formal studies. You might be hired as a mental health psychologist, child development specialist or a family adviser. It might interest you to know that psychology teachers held up to 530 jobs in 2011. ( The pay of developmental psychologists is $55,000 per year on average in Maryland, as of 2012 (

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