Developmental Psychology Colleges in Maine

With the passage of time, people have come to realize what changes health practitioners could bring to their lives. Awareness among people about health issues was not seen before due to which they were affected by diseases and illnesses.

Psychologists have been offering good services since many decades now. These practitioners work with peoples’ mind to remove health issues. People who develop disabilities and abnormalities are also looked upon by these practitioners. One emerging branch of psychology is developmental psychology. The work of developmental psychologists is to observe and diagnose the development related issues that are commonly seen in people nowadays. Their work is not only based on infants and new born but they also treat elderly. Sometimes abnormal behavioral and emotional changes constantly affect the internal system of a person. These changes in growth are detected by developmental psychologists.

There are many schools for developmental psychology in Maine that are licensed places to earn formal education. In a master’s degree program, students learn about different methodologies and analytical processes which facilitate them to compile a good research. Areas that are covered in a master’s program are language process, behavior analysis and neurobehavioral development. There are other subjects like memory and aging which students study thoroughly. Certain specializations could also be acquired by students including school counseling, family counseling, child development and aging. Apart from this, a thesis along with practice is required during the last year of a master’s degree.

Students might find work in rehabilitation centers, care facilities, clinics, schools, colleges and hospitals after they complete a particular degree program in developmental psychology. The number of psychologists employed in different settings in 2011 was 200 (BLS). The average salary of developmental psychologists in Maine is $44,000 per year, as of 2012 (

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