Developmental Psychology Schools in Louisiana

Most of the developmental psychology schools in Louisiana now offer three specialized programs. They are bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree in developmental psychology. These programs vary in duration as well as course structure. To become a developmental psychologist in Louisiana, it is wise for you to check all this state requirements before selecting a particular degree. For example many employers want to hire you in future but for that you must earn at least a master’s degree. When you might begin to study a certain program, you need to prepare a research which is done under the supervision of a professor. This research might groom you to get familiar with various research methods. Through seminars, events, and dissertations which are usually in the final year, you might attain complete knowledge of developmental psychology. Courses like psychology of aging, cognitive development and dynamics of families might be taught to you.

Your work might be to comprehend the growth process of human beings. You have to understand how society and culture affects an individual’s growth. For this, you have to extend your research to adults and elderly. Not only the physical growth but moral, social, intellectual and emotional changes are also important to understand. You might base your studies to know the abnormal and behavioral changes that occur in individuals.

Mostly, you might find work in clinical practices but in Louisiana, many educational institutes as many schools and colleges might require your services. Other than that, you might also seek work in healthcare settings like hospitals, rehabilitation centers, mental care facilities and many other places. The number of psychologists employed in this state was 160, in 2011 (BLS). On the other hand, the annual median salary you might receive in Louisiana is $41,000, as of 2012 (

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