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The state of Illinois is ranked as the 5th most populous of all the states. The great population has resulted in many specialized jobs being done by people. Moreover, the state is rich in industries like medicine, education, manufacturing, tourism and publishing. These industries hire practitioners of all types which actively work to increase the economic prosperity of this state.

Developmental psychology is a study which is done by practitioners to learn how changes could be seen in humans with time. These changes could be observed in people with different age groups like infants or children, adults or elderly. Issues like development and growth; aging and psycho-physiological processes are treated by developmental psychologists. These psychologists also analyze and treat growth which is not confined to physical characteristics in humans but also takes into consideration emotional, social, personality and language development. By narrowing their research to particular age group they are able to understand more of their issues which could even be abnormalities developed over time. This field is also related to educational psychology, forensic developmental psychology and child psychopathology so a student who wishes to pursue a career in developmental psychology could look for appropriate degree programs offered by many schools in Illinois.

Developmental psychology schools in Illinois are popular places where you could acquire education to become practitioners of this field. Highly popular programs are available from bachelors to doctoral level which not only focuses on in-house studies but also on advance research practices and psychological theories. In these programs, you could learn all the methodologies used in this field to conduct research work individually. You may have the opportunity to advance by earning a doctoral degree which is a researched-based program.

Upon completion, the places you could work are schools, hospitals, clinics, patient care facilities and other counseling settings. In 2011, the number of psychology teachers employed in Illinois was 1,460. Developmental psychologists earn $51,000 per year on average basis, as of 2012 (

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