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Hawaii is a tourist state of the US. The state authorities focus on looking after tourists that visit Hawaii from all over the world as well as the other states of the country. Here in Hawaii, the most popular working sectors apart from tourism are of military and education. The state is not land locked from any side and is surrounded by water. Here you might get good jobs because the tourism industry is flourishing and is said to advance more.

One particular profession you could turn your attention to is of developmental psychology. This particular field is best if you are interested in working in educational and health settings. In Hawaii educational sector is also flourishing more with time in which you could prosper by focusing your attention on developmental psychology. Practitioners from this field look after growth and development in people of all ages. Sometimes they specialize in working with a particular group like in schools; they focus on children to see if they have any disability or developmental issue. They not only take into consideration physical development but keep a check of emotional, social, cognition and personality growth in children. This is the particular reason that developmental psychologists now hold a great value and more and more people seek services from them.

It is widely known that in 2011, psychology teachers held almost 360 jobs and this figure is ever increasing ( On the other hand, the pay they receive per year on average is $48,000, as of 2012.

There are many developmental psychology schools in Hawaii. These schools offer degrees from bachelors to PhD level including courses of applied psychology, spatial thinking, educational psychology and cognitive development. You might have a chance to get trained during a degree program by proficient faculty members. Some degree programs offered by popular schools also consider internships to be mandatory which might help students to work as psychologists in hospitals and community care centers.

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