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Developmental psychologists operate, examine and treat people who have normal growth issues or have abnormalities of any kind. These practitioners not only look after and check physical growth but they also focus on intellectual, emotional, cognitive and social growth of an individual. Some of these professionals treat certain groups like children or elderly whereas others focus their attention on people with complex developmental issues. As they develop strong relationship with patients, they are able to provide them with complete treatment.

This is not possible until you acquire quality education and training. If you are a resident of Georgia then you might be interested in looking for developmental psychology schools because they are proper places to study this subject. By studying in these schools you might not only develop career related skills but understand how to communicate with people which might be a good way to advance in this field. The degree level may vary and you could choose from a bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degree. It might be good if you complete a master’s degree with specialization in developmental psychology after earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology as it is required by many employers of the state of Georgia. Some of the courses that you may study are perceptual and cognitive maturation, psychopathology of the child, family system, coercive behavior and language development. You might also get a chance to work as parenting educator, family service worker, mental health counselor, child development specialist and more. You could possibly look for work in hospital and educational settings.

It is said that with age comes wisdom. This might be true if you may start to earn handsomely after gaining 2 to 3 years of experience. On average, in Georgia, developmental psychologists earn $46,000 per year, as of 2012 ( The number of people working how found job as developmental psychology teachers were 710 in 2011 (

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