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Psychologists are of different types and they study diverse areas of psychology. Their learning process is not limited as they extend their research in order to know the mind of various individuals so that mental issues could be removed. One such specialty of psychology is developmental psychology.

It is the study of development in humans. It is not related to physical growth but to social, intellectual, personality and emotional growth. Practitioners are responsible for looking after patients’ delayed growth, disabilities, and behavioral problems. These practitioners do not limit their research and studies to a particular group but they like to analyze people with various mindsets and personalities. Mostly this depends on the area they are specialized in.

If you are interested in knowing more about this field then you could certainly look for developmental psychology schools and colleges in Delaware. These schools offer degrees from bachelor’s to doctoral level. Mostly masters and doctoral level degrees are preferred by employers as to pave way for research and development. Some of the courses that you might be taught in schools are personality development, social psychology and cognition, cultural distinctions, theories of child development and many more.

You might get employed as parenting educator, child development practitioner or mental health counselor in Delaware if you earn a master’s degree. There are many other settings like mental wards, care centers and hospitals which might be able to hire you for your renowned work. Developmental psychologist practitioners had up to 37,540 positions available in the US in 2011, where they worked as psychology teachers. This employment rate is said to increase as people are looking for more services from developmental psychologists to get their children treated. The annual mean salary earned by them in the state of Delaware is $52,000, as of 2012 (

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