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With life a human progresses, with time human kind progresses. In order to understand the evolution of human development with the changes brought upon by the technological advancement and scientific understanding the study of developmental psychology is necessary.

Developmental psychology attempts to understand impact of various societal, economical and cultural norms on human beings. This study takes into consideration how with time each individual’s perceptions are developed in relation to their culture and belief system. In this field issues of development related to the morality of an individual are studied. The idea is to understand how changes impact the development of individuals. This study also takes into account child psychopathology and educational psychology.

In order to understand human mental evolution with the passage of time developmental psychology schools in Connecticut have been established. In a bachelor’s program students are required to learn the interdependency between physical occurrence and emotional tendencies. This entails that an individual tries to learn the overlapping effects of social, biological and sexual psychology and their interrelationship. In a master’s degree students develop the skills to evaluate the level of abilities in communicating, problem solving and cognition. At doctorate level individuals study the core reasons of spatial thinking and interpret nuero-cognition.

Developmental psychologists are more commonly known to help adolescents and their inability to deal with life issues at their various stages of life. Issues that developmental psychologists could address include social aspects such as the intermingling of the opposite sexes or abilities to learn and interact. Development psychologists might work in colleges and schools if they are given the choice after completion of a master’s degree. They might also open up their own clinic after attaining a doctoral degree program. They are recorded to earn an annual average income of $74,000 in Connecticut, as of 2012 (

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