Developmental Psychology Colleges in California

The state of California is a leader in the psychology industry, with over 100 programs offered, and endless job opportunities within the state. The state offers bachelors, masters, specialty, and doctoral degrees, as well as a wide variety of certificate and associate degree programs.

A degree in developmental psychology offers a wide variety of opportunities. The course of study is geared towards the development of individuals over their lifespan, from infancy to adulthood.

Accredited Training Programs

California State University-East Bay

California State University-East Bay offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in Human Development. The program covers many areas including anthropology, biology, linguistics, psychology, and sociology. Students are required to select one of five options from: Early Childhood Development, Adolescent Development, Childhood Development,  Adult Development and Gerontology, or Women’s Development. The program is unique in a way that it incorporates both online an hybrid (online and face-to-face) classes.

The program prepares students to purse graduate studies or work on a wide range of area, including counseling, education, social work, sociology, healthcare, public administration, criminal justice, and psychology.

California State University-San Bernardino

California State University-San Bernardino offers a B.A. in Human Development. Students can select one of three tracks from: Child Track (95 units), Lifespan Track (90-91 units), and School Age Track (180 units).

For graduate studies, the university offers a 51 units evening M.A. program in Child Development. Admissions are allowed only in fall session. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and meet other per-requisites (introduction to psychology and statistics courses and minimum of lower division course in child development field)

Claremont Graduate University

Claremont Graduate University offers a 48-units M.A. program with co-concentrations in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation. The university also offers a 72-units Ph.D program with concentration in Positive Developmental Psychology.

San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University offers a 2-year 30-units M.A program in Developmental Psychology. The program is designed for students who have interests in areas of parent and children relationships, social and emotional development, cross-cultural development, cognition, and psycholinguistics.  Applicants should have educational background in areas related to intermediate statistics, history and systems of psychology, psychological research methods and lifespan development. Typical program schedule consists of 4 semesters, however, students can plan their individual schedule with approval of faculty advisors.

Related Training Programs

Lom Linda University offers certificate, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. The programs offered include clinical psychology, marriage and family counseling, substance abuse counseling, and school psychology.

San Diego State University offers certificate programs, as well as bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs. The specialties include educational psychology, geriatric psychology, and marriage and family counseling.

Stanford University offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs. The specialty programs include cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, personality psychology, and social psychology.

University of California – Berkley offers both bachelors and master’s degree programs. The programs include studies in developmental psychology, social-personality psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and general psychology.

Chapman University offers programs in educational psychology, marriage and family counseling, general psychology, and school psychology. Students can obtain a bachelor’s, masters, or specialized degree from the school.

California State University – Fresno offers a variety of psychology programs, including geriatric psychology, rehabilitation counseling, marriage and family counseling, school psychology, and substance abuse counseling. Students can obtain a certificate degree, master’s degree, or specialist degree from the accredited school.

Salary and Career Opportunities

As a developmental psychology graduate, the opportunities for careers are endless in the state of California. The state prides itself on well-being, and good mental health, so positions are available in nearly any field or industry. Companies hire developmental psychologists to boost employment productivity as a holistic approach to wellness. Counseling positions are available throughout the state in schools, learning centers, mental health and substance abuse facilities, and hospitals.

Developmental psychology graduates can expect to earn a median wage of $90,000 in the state of California. That amount can be much more with higher educational training and more experience in a specific field.

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