Which Schools Offer Counseling Psychology Program in Iowa?

Counselors and therapists play an essential role in helping those with mental health issues to remain independent and lead meaningful lives. The education required to complete a counseling degree revolves around coursework and externships where students get real-life experience. Depending on the program at one of the counseling psychology schools in Iowa, you can complete a degree in no time and be on your way to making a difference in the world.

Iowa State University

Iowa State University offers a PhD program in counseling psychology that prizes real-life work experience and solid research. Iowa State’s programs have been consistently ranked 10 programs in the country for the past decade. The faculty consists of professors and therapists who specialize in working closely with graduate students to fully develop their interests. For students who come in with a master’s degree, they can expect to study psychology courses for a minimum of three years. An internship is also secured for a full year with the help of advisors, professors, and university contacts.

Students also complete a practicum of no less than 1000 hours, with varying amounts of those hours needing supervision.

University of Iowa

The standards are the same at the University of Iowa, whose tuition is slightly higher than Iowa State. The University of Iowa focuses extensively on research and data gathering. Whereas most counseling students go on to be in some sort of therapist position, there are some students who choose to work with research for their careers. The University of Iowa’s program is ideal for these lovers of data and numbers.

Grants are available for those who live in Iowa and who show financial need and strong grades. Whether you want to enter a program with a bachelor’s or continue your education and go on to receive a PhD, you should inquire as to financial assistance. Counseling education can span many years but it does not need to indebt you. At the right school, you can find aide and start to work towards the rest of your future.

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