Which Schools Offer Counseling Psychology Programs in Indiana?

Are you interested in learning more about the human mind and how people perceive themselves and the world? Do you want to help those who suffer from mental health issues and guide them towards a happier path? A number of programs can be completed at numerous counseling psychology schools in Indiana. From state colleges to community colleges, Indiana is home to a wide variety that has something for everyone.

Indiana State University

Indiana State University offers a PhD program in counseling psychology that prepares students to work in a variety of settings, like schools, individual practices, and hospitals. The counseling psychology program focuses on bypassing the view of sick versus normal to have a less judgmental view on mental health.

Coursework at Indiana State University includes 72hours of coursework that includes foundational courses and some electives of your choosing. Clinical and externships make up the rest. In order to be admitted, students must have letters of recommendation, a minimum GPA of 2.5, a master degree in Counseling, GRE scores, and other important documents.

Purdue University

Purdue University hosts one of the nation’s strongest science programs as well. Purdue is a private university in Indiana with a School of Education that ranks well. Job placement of students continues to be almost 100%, and the successful completion rate is near 90%. Students who want to apply can either request admission for the master and PhD program, or they can come in with a master’s degree from another institution. Roughly 30 students make up the counseling psychology program, making for a small and tight-knit community. Graduate students can partake in the university’s counseling center for undergraduates and graduate students needing therapy.

Both Indiana State University and Purdue, amongst other schools in the state, can provide you the right education and experience to get a job as a counselor. Helping others to live better lives is a noble dream. Your goals can be achieved by choosing the right program for you and landing a job that makes you and others happy.

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