Where You Earn Counseling Psychology Degree in Idaho?

Counseling psychologists work for hospitals, academic schools, outpatient centers, R & D scientific services and other types of services for individuals and families. Psychologists can specialize in children, adolescent and adult treatments. Counselors can also work for state & federal governmental agencies, business training schools, colleges, and universities. It takes over six years of studying, research and clinical practicum to become a licensed psychologist. Graduates of a doctoral degree need a license or certification to practice in the United States as a professional counselor. Following Idaho schools offer counseling programs:

To earn the highest potential pay as a counseling psychologist, the graduate needs a doctoral degree and license. Graduates may fill psychology positions with a master, specialist or doctoral degree in a psychology specialty. Those individuals with a master’s degree can seek employment as a researcher with a variety of industries; especially Scientific Research & Development Agencies. Master degree graduates may also work as educators teaching at colleges and universities in Idaho.

Job Description of Psychology Counselors

Psychology counselors study the processes of the mental development and the behavior of children to adulthood. The professionals demonstrate skills to analyze and interpret data collected from patients. Research and qualitative studies are designed by psychologists to test and for questioning individuals and groups. Psychology counselors also treat children and adults with ADD, ADHD and genetic disorders. The major objective of counselors is to provide the best treatment to help people cope with various mental & learning disorders and life crisis.

Licensed Counseling Psychologists’ Estimated Yearly Average Salary

The estimated yearly average mean salary for a licensed counseling psychologist in the state of Idaho was $60,380 (U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, May 2012). The total of employed counseling psychologists almost reached seven hundred. The average psychologists can earn up to $72,000 in the United States. Over one hundred thousand licensed counseling psychologists practice nationally and work in industries such as, public schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, family services, and R & D agencies.

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