Where Can You Earn Counseling Psychology Degree in Georgia

Psychology counselors are plentiful in the United States and hired with schools, governmental agencies, organizations and mental health hospitals. With over 100,000 counseling psychologists employed in the country, it is evident there is a need nationally. Georgia happens to be a state that employs psychologists to work in hospitals and academic institutions. Atlanta is the city with the highest rate of employed psychologists in the state. There are schools in Atlanta, Augusta, and Athens to earn a counseling psychology degree.

Graduates with a bachelor and master degree can enhance his or her counseling skills by attending the University of Georgia in Athens or Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta. The University of Georgia offers master and PhD degree type programs for Professional Counseling, Counseling & Student and College Student Affairs.

There are over twenty schools in Georgia to study Psychology and attain an associate, bachelor, master, specialist or PhD degree. The schools’ tuition costs and admission requirement may differ. Students are advised to inquire and visit the school first before applying. There are certain criteria students have to meet before being accepted to a PhD program, for an example. The same is applicable to undergraduate students wanting to major in Psychology.

Employment Stability in Georgia

There are industries and agencies that employ licensed counseling psychologists in Georgia. The national mean hourly wage for counseling psychologists is approximately $35.00. The U.S. Department of Labor stated that there were 2,620 employed psychologists in Georgia (May, 2012). The average mean salary was $63,590 as of 2012. The salary pay is lower compared to other U.S. states.

Start working towards an associate, bachelor or master degree at one of Georgia’s accredited schools that offer psychology programs. There may always be a demand for psychologists in schools, hospitals and mental institutions. Graduates can become school counselors, researchers and clinical mental health counselors. The counseling psychology schools prepare students to help individuals with life crisis and to provide the best approach to cope with life issues.

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