Where in Connecticut You Can Earn Counseling Psychology Degree?

The beginning of pursuing a counseling psychology career starts with finding an accredited school. There are many colleges that offer psychology programs to attain a certificate, associate, bachelor, master or doctoral degree. To enter a counseling psychology program, the student must have a high school diploma or GED. Students must also pass the ACT or SAT examination to be accepted. Counseling psychologists make a rewarding salary and at the same time help others in his or her community.

Connecticut Counseling Psychology Schools

The reputable Connecticut counseling psychology schools are the University of Hartford, Colorado Technology University – Online, and Southern Connecticut State University. Students may transfer existing credit hours if he or she wants to attend another school in the state. Online programs are offered to residents and out of state students. It’s convenient for working students who want advancement in his or her career. For those students who want to experience campus life, the University of Hartford might be a good option.

Course Requirements

  • History of Psychology
  • Research Methods
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Introduction to Psychology Concepts
  • Introduction of Psychology Applications

Those are just a few of the courses required to complete a counseling psychology program and attain a bachelor’s degree. Students will learn how to identify & describe mental disorders, display knowledge of scientific methods & research, and learn skills to collect, interpret, & analyze data.

Employment Prospect

The prospect of employment in Connecticut for counseling psychologists is promising. The United States Department of Labor Statistics in 2012 reported that the state employed approximately 1,800 psychologists. On average, psychologists earn $79,000 annually; which is higher than most states in the U.S. Counseling psychologists work for public schools, colleges, universities, clinics, hospitals, mental health facilities and research agencies.

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