Psychology Careers in Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the most populous states in United States of America. It is a region of mountains and rivers and mild climate is mostly experienced due to its geographical conditions. There is so much this state has to offer, with big cites and huge business opportunities, to other activities like golfing, biking, skiing and wineries. The state offers great career opportunities and flourishing businesses. Looking for Psychology careers in Connecticut could be a way to acquire top positions in healthcare services; it is one of the fastest progressing fields of recent times.


Connecticut is the 4th most densely populated area of U.S with a population of 3.5 million. Career options are available in almost every field. Its economy generates income from various industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, military, metal products, electrical equipment and aircrafts. In one of these industries, psychologists might apply on the basis of their knowledge in a particular area. Aviation psychologists can work in the aircraft industry of Connecticut as they have to make sure that the crew and pilots are mentally and physically fit to perform their duties. These experts might also provide services in the military industry, which has been growing more due to changing world scenarios.

There are some favorable opportunities to choose from in the healthcare industry like clinical, research or counseling jobs. The most popular areas in Connecticut are psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, offices of other health practitioners and educational support services. Understanding the human mind and its development psychically and emotionally is one of the major concerns of this field.

Education Requirements

The educational requirement for most of the jobs is completion of a doctoral degree from an accredited institute with an educational or counseling specialization. The American Psychological Association (APA) should approve the educational qualification. If one has not completed the degree from an approved college then the representing board will require a review and a description of the courses to be given. One could choose to do a PhD in aviation, counseling, clinical or organizational psychology including a dissertation or a Psy.D focusing on practical side of this field. Some of the healthcare facilities employing counseling and clinical psychologists are Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, New Haven Hospital and Masonicare Health Center.

Licensure Requirements

Those who wish to acquire complete knowledge of licensure should contact the Connecticut Board of Examiners of Psychologists. The first requirement is to have a PhD degree in the respective field. Education should match the licensure requirement completely as the desirability factor for licensed Psychologists is quite high in industries.

One-year experience is required for the license which should be supervised under a licensed specialist. This is gained through a full-time job of 35 hours per week for 46 weeks or through a part-time job completing 2000 hours in 2 years. An individual has to make sure that the supervisor is a licensed individual specializing in the same area of study as you. After this, one should be ready for an exam by the Connecticut Department of Public Health webpage. The application form could be downloaded and sent back to the Connecticut Department of Public Health Psychology Licensure Division.

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical specialists are searched and hired often by employers in Connecticut. Most of the graduates choose to work in clinical settings, thus it would be important to note the outlook of jobs before applying. Approximately 2,000 people were employed as clinical psychologists in 2011 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the other hand a rise of 22 percent is expected over the next decade.  Among many firms employing these professionals, MedOptions – Waterbury, Catholic Charities – Archdiocese of Hartford – Hartford and HARC Inc. are on the top of the list. Individuals seeking to work voluntarily in different organizations in this state can apply to Hands on Hartford, Danbury Volunteer Center and Mid-Fairfield Volunteer Centers. Memorial Health System is also one of the top employers of this state with 1.99% of the county employment.

Aviation Psychologists

With a large military and aircraft industry, the chances of employment for aviation psychologists seem to be bright and promising. Psychologists can not only observe behavior of pilots but they might also teach in aviation and aeronautical programs as senior aviation consultants, public administrators and senior management officers. Peterson Air Force Base with 4.95% and United States Air Force Base with 2.77% of the county employment are rated as the top employers.

Industrial/ Organizational Psychologists

Connecticut’s spring economy is based on the high-tech industry and manufacturing of electronic equipment, which opens up opportunities for industrial/organizational psychologists to apply to one of top industries of the state. To support the operations of companies with the help of workable strategies, these experts might make a huge contribution.

Salary Prospects

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in May 2011 that psychologists in Connecticut on average earn $79,520 per year.

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