Psychology Careers in Colorado

One of the most beautiful states known for its vibrant landscape consisting of mountains, rivers, forests, plains and desert areas is Colorado. It is the most extensive and populous state of United States ranked 8th in popularity and population density. Known for its versatility, this state offers wide-ranging career opportunities to individuals in numerous fields. Psychology careers in Colorado could be suited to those who wish to focus on the mental health of people and want to end up acquiring higher positions with a good pay and opportunities to be grow.


Colorado has diversified industries to provide economic growth and stability. Its population is roughly 5,116,796 people. The economy has been booming and relies heavily on the high-technology industry and scientific research in sectors such as transportation equipment, food processing, chemical products and machinery. Engineering psychologists can take part in enhancing the capacity and ability of the workforce so as to create a more productive, efficient and stable system.

Many companies in Colorado seek to hire specialists to provide a boost to the high-technology industry which has been supporting the economy. It is important to note that psychologists in Colorado maintain a really good reputation and are one of the top paid individuals. One could get employed in clinical, counseling or research settings as these are the most popular areas that have tremendous job opportunities. After studying in clinical, rehabilitative, health or pediatric concentrations, individuals could become experts in explaining to parents and medical staff about health and illness issues. They may also be able to devise health plans. Such professionals are in demand in places like health practitioner’s offices, psychiatric clinics and substance abuse clinics.

Education Requirements

Education requirements may differ according to areas and employers but generally a master’s degree or a doctorate degree is preferred to get employed in Colorado. It could be in education, engineering, rehabilitation or any other specialized area. These should be earned from an accredited college or university because it is one of the requirements set by the state. A master’s degree is the basic requirement for a job in this field focusing on analysis and experiment. Once you have completed an education program, contact the career service personnel at schools to learn about possible career opportunities. You should also refer to newspapers. A PhD can improve your marketability in the job market. Those who have earned a PhD in engineering psychology might get employed in top companies of the state.

Licensure Requirements

A pre-requisite after formal education is to get licensed by the state. Without licensure, you might not be allowed to practice legally in your desired specialized area. This state requires individuals to have at least 1 year of experience approved by the Colorado Board of Psychologist Examiners. After gaining the experience, one would have to sit for the examination of Colorado psychologist licensure. Students interested in getting complete information regarding licensure should contact the Colorado Board of Psychologist Examiners.

Clinical Psychologists

Those who wish to pursue their career in clinical psychology may find good opportunities in different office settings. It is one of the most popular career choices – the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that Psychology specialists held about 2,320 jobs as estimated in 2011. On the other hand, the employment is said to rise by 22 percent by the year 2020.  HCA Healthcare, HealthONE, Denver Health and Hospital Authority and Parkview Medical Center are some popular employers in Colorado. One could even contact Aurora Volunteer Center and Metro Volunteers of Denver to learn about job opportunities in this discipline.

Research Psychologists

Research psychologists could also contribute by applying in schools, colleges and universities to conduct research. There is an ever increasing demand for individuals who could contribute in scientific research to expand the horizon of innovation. By using quantitative and qualitative methods of research these experts can bring a viable change in the field of research and development.

Engineering Psychologists

Companies these days give preference to engineering psychologists to help design the final product to make it more functional and handy for consumers. The state of Colorado is heading towards achieving success in this area by relying on its hi-tech industry which needs proficient Engineering Psychologists. They could apply for positions in various sectors such as manufacturing, government and education.

Salary Trends

Psychologists in Colorado on average earn $94,000 annually, according to

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