Clinical Psychology Schools in Wisconsin

If you want to help people overcome psychological problems and gain an in-depth understanding psychopathology, then obtaining a masters or doctoral degree in clinical psychology would be your first step. Academic programs focusing on clinical psychology involve skill building, research, and practical training components aimed at enabling students to diagnose psychological problems and administer psychotherapy.

Wisconsin is a great state to study clinical psychology, with four clinical psychology schools to choose from. Almost 50 students obtain clinical psychology degrees in Wisconsin every year. The University of Wisconsin—Madison doctoral program is one of the top rated clinical psychology programs, with a scientist-practitioner model that will train you to practice clinical psychology as well as undertake research work. Working professions can opt for the M.A. in Clinical Psychology program offered at Cardinal Stritch University which involves night classes with focus on team learning. This two year program will cost you approximately $21,800 per year.

Admission to clinical psychology schools in Wisconsin can be quite competitive and many of them require certain amount of undergraduate level coursework in psychology for admission. Doctoral programs can take anywhere between four to seven years to complete and involve rigorous training and coursework. However, if you are passionate about the subject then you will find these programs challenging. It will give you a strong foothold in the health care industry and open up numerous career options.

As a clinical psychologist you can work in a variety of settings including hospitals, rehabilitation centers and hospices. With greater focus on preventive care, clinical psychologists have a better than average career growth rate. As a clinical psychologist in Wisconsin, you can earn anywhere between $35,000 to 80,000 dollars per year. Senior clinical psychologists with supervisory positions usually earn over $80,000 per year.

Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology (PsyD)
• PsyD in Child/ Adult Clinical Psychology
• M.S. in Clinical Psychology

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (PhD)
• PhD in Clinical Psychology

University of Wisconsin – Madison (PhD)
• PhD in Clinical Psychology

Cardinal Stritch University – Milwaukee
• M.A. in Clinical Psychology

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