Clinical Psychology Schools in Virginia

Clinical psychology mainly focuses on assessment, analysis, treatment, prevention etc of mental disorders. Individuals must realize that clinical psychologists are not medical/hospital doctors. They specialize in a number of areas such as child and adult mental health, emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, health psychology, geriatrics, substance abuse among others.

Receiving adequate training in clinical psychology is paramount if one is to succeed in the career. The major goal of the training programs is producing experts whose contributions to the profession will always be substantial. Various clinical psychology schools in Virginia are available. These schools have in the recent past produced top-notch mental health professionals, scholars, researchers, supervisors and teachers.

Approved by the American Psychological Association, University of Virginia is an excellent example of a training center offering effective training in the field of clinical psychology. Those living in Virginia have an oasis of learning to acquire all the relevant knowledge they need in regards to the profession. Students are guaranteed of both on and off class learning tailored to suit every need the profession demands.

Other schools in this area include Emory & Henry College and James Madison University. Both of these offer accredited programs that equip students with sufficient knowledge and skills to help them excel in the field. Students are exposed to both theory and practical side of clinical psychology.

Considering a few factors before choosing clinical psychology as a career is important. One must consider the number of years he or she is willing to put is training and school. The other thing prospective clinical psychologists must ask themselves is whether they are willing and able to work with teenagers, children and adult clients.

Clinical psychologists have to keep or maintain detailed records of patient’s assessment, diagnosis, treatment notes and therapeutic goals. The records aid in tracking progress, which comes in handy in insurance, and billing purposes. This field demands passion and determination but the fruits are indeed very sweet.

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