Clinical Psychology Schools in Vermont

Clinical psychology careers in Vermont bring a lot of advantages in these days. It has become an extremely rewarding career and people can expect a salary in between $40,000 and $98,000, based on the qualification and experience. In early days, Vermont was not a considered as a great place for clinical psychologists and recently, the situation has undergone tremendous amount of transformation.

Metal disorders have become very common in these days and a huge number of people approach clinical psychologists to rectify their problems. It is estimated that more than 30,000 people experience different types of mental disorders in Vermont and the number of professional clinical psychologists available in Vermont can be described as really meager. All these facts point out the tremendous potential of clinical psychology careers in Vermont.

In Vermont, there are more than 15 accredited psychology schools and training is being given at the following levels:

Graduate student membership is allowed by the Vermont Psychological Association and they have been making efforts to increase the involvement of the students for the past few years. The young generation has started realizing the huge benefits involved with this career and the recent trends show that student participation is going to reach new heights in the immediate future.

Some of the accredited schools that offer clinical psychology programs include Saint Michael’s College and College of St Joseph. The quality of education in Vermont has been improving at a rapid rate and scholarships and other types of financial assistance are being offered to the students in large numbers. A lot of young people in this state have been pursuing a career in clinical psychology with great enthusiasm and it can be said without any doubt that psychology schools has played an important role in making this profession extremely popular.

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