Clinical Psychology Schools in South Dakota

Clinical psychologist provide stability to people just seeking help in overcoming life challenges that often affect a person’s way of thinking and treatment to those afflicted with mental disorder. Becoming a clinical psychologist is a good decision since it is can a fulfilling and highly profitable job especially in South Dakota. If you are passionate in helping people and with the human mind, a formal education from any of the clinical psychology schools in South Dakota is necessary to get a licensed to practice in the state.

There are campuses like the University of South Dakota that offer clinical psychology program for those interested in a doctorate and masters level. Aside from the state university, online-accredited graduate schools and graduate programs for South Dakota residents are also numerous. So, getting a degree is never a problem if interested in becoming a practicing clinical psychologist in a state with a high demand for this type of job.

What is the Average Salary of Clinical Psychologist in South Dakota?

The average annual pay of clinical psychologist as of January 3 2013 is around $75, 000 up to $103,000. The salary range ensures a comfortable living since South Dakota is also one of the states in the country with the lowest cost of living. So, there is no doubt that working as a clinical psychologist and living in the state is a wise decision for any graduates hoping to get a masters degree.

Are the Online Programs for Clinical Psychology Different from Local Schools?

Online programs for clinical psychology are different from traditional classes since most of the work coursework completed online at the chosen time of the students. But there are online schools that require a short-on campus time, so it is best to check with the online schools before applying at one of distance learning programs that accept student from the United States.

The popular online schools accredited by state based universities in South Dakota are the Walden University, Kaplan University, Capella University.

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