Clinical Psychology Schools in Oklahoma

Clinical psychology is a vast field and is far by the most chosen sub-field by psychology practitioners. Clinical psychologists treat patients who experience disorders related to mind and overall body. Most of the time issues are not be physical but can have serious effects. If a person has depression, mental disorders which is preventing him or her from focusing, relationship issues which are a reason of greater stress, anxiety, eating disorders; they have to be treated. This is where clinical psychologists come. By deciding what preventive measures need to be taken, advising, counseling on matters such as relationships, providing numerous therapies and treatments; these practitioners relieve patients out of their stress.

In a state like Oklahoma, choosing this career might be a good choice. The reason is greater significance for these practitioners. Clinical psychologists held about 890 jobs here in 2011 (BLS). Most professionals in this state work at hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, care centers, military units and sports facilities. Such a high value they have and if we talk about the largest employers of the state then Integris Baptist Medical Center is first on the list, employing around 10,000 people. As far as salary is concerned, one might be able to earn an annual salary of $48,000 in this state, as of 2012 (

However, to become a clinical psychologist; one has to acquire formal education. The right places would be accredited psychology schools offering degrees in clinical psychology. In these colleges, a PhD degree or a master’s degree could be completed. Depending on the number of years one want to spend while studying, degree could be opted. Usually a master’s degree lasts two years whereas doctoral degree takes 4-6 years to complete.

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