Clinical Psychology Schools in North Dakota

If you have a desire to become a clinical psychologist in North Dakota then you have to acquire education from reputable psychology schools and colleges. Colleges like Bismarck State College, Dakota College at Bottineau, Williston State College and University of North Dakota are very popular. Usually students  opt for either masters or doctoral level. During your degree program you might be provided training both in research and applied areas of clinical psychology. Some courses included in the degree program are Adult Psychopathology, Clinical Practicum, Interviewing, Principles of Neuropsychology, Case Management and Clinical Practice.

After becoming a clinical psychologist, you might be working for hospitals and care centers or you can just be self employed. Formal education might equip you the skills to deal psychological cases related depression, disabilities, anxiety, disorders and mental illnesses. Your work might be completed by conducting various tests and assessment by taking interviews or just by simple observation. Then you might be consulting them or advising them the best means to stay fit.

You might work with other healthcare practitioners such as physicians and doctors and offer them a helping hand. Your experience and skill might determine your pay in various settings. On average, clinical psychologists in North Dakota earn around $48,000 per year on average, as of 2012 (

You might also get a chance to work in military medical centers, in colleges and universities as a professor, in hospitals and many other settings. As of 2012, the employing firms in the state are Air Force – Fargo, Knowlton, O’neill & Associates – West Fargo, Np PA Recruiters and Quarterline – Minot.  There were nearly 160 people employed as clinical psychologists in North Dakota in 2011 (BLS).

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