Clinical Psychology Schools in New York

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology which attempts to promote well-being and good health among the people. Practitioners who work for this field are known as clinical psychologists. Their work is to understand the mental issues such as disorders and dysfunction with the help of psychological assessment and psychotherapy. These practitioners assess, examine, diagnose and then prevent all these issues by applying different psychological norms.

To become expert in this field, it is highly required to obtain professional degrees from accredited psychology colleges. Before talking about degree it might be worthwhile to know what practices these practitioners can take. Some move to research within psychology, others offer consulting services; some pursue their career in teaching clinical psychology while others enter administration areas. These are just a few of the professional careers that you can opt for by becoming a clinical psychologist.

Being a resident of New York, you might have to check for well-known clinical psychology schools. The state is highly populated so the number of schools offering degrees in this psychology field has increased because of demand. You might be able to find master’s and doctoral degrees in these colleges. Some of them are University of the State of New York, Binghamton University, Stony Brook University. The schools which offer doctoral degrees also offer their students to choose among simple PhD degree or Psy.D degree. Some aspects of them are different and could be acquired as per requirement. Because of the state requirement, you might also have to get yourself certified or licensed before work.

You might also be interested to know that in New York, clinical psychologists held around 10,170 jobs, which is probably the highest number as of 2011 ( The average annual salary of these practitioners in the state is $68,000, as of 2012. Most individuals get employed in hospitals, clinics and mental care centers.

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