Clinical Psychology Schools in New Jersey

There are a number of clinical psychology colleges in New Jersey that you could choose from depending on your requirements and goal. Some schools that you can consider are Rutgers University – New Brunswick, Montclair State University, Kean University, Rutgers University – Newark, Rowan University, New Jersey City University, Seton Hall University, The College of New Jersey and many others found in New Jersey.

You may come across a variety of programs, degrees and courses at schools that you must choose from. Make sure you select a program after careful consideration and research to ensure that you create a bright future. Some courses that you may come across include Principles of Psychology, Communication Skills, Stress and Anxiety, Physiology, Chemistry, Ethical Conduct, Biology, Sports Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Applied Psychology and so on. These courses will help you build a solid foundation in the area which is what supports your future growth in the field. Courses may vary from program to program and later on you can select areas in clinical psychology to specialize in.

Some schools may provide placement opportunities for students such as internships, volunteer work or apprenticeship. It depends on your performance and dedication to climb the corporate ladder. This is vital as practical exposure helps you relate with learned theories and concepts.

The average annual salary for clinical psychologists in New Jersey is $67,000 ( and employment growth in the industry is estimated to be around 22% (

Job opportunities can be found in clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, research companies, schools and offices. The public and private sector may present plenty of opportunities that you can explore. School psychology and adult psychology are some areas where you can specialize. Do check out teaching options as you will possess the necessary knowledge to do so.

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