Clinical Psychology Schools in Nevada

Clinical Psychology is one of the many sub fields of Psychology. It deals with the identification, correction and prevention of psychological and emotional issues with the human mind. It is an ideal field for you if you are interested in helping others deal with their psychological and emotional troubles. The goal of every clinical psychologist is to help patients achieve mental peace, happiness and harmony.

To become a clinical psychologist, you will need to work hard in attaining the right academic qualifications and practical experience. Most likely you will need a Masters or Doctorate level degree to gain entrance into the field. It is advised you opt for a program that is recognized by the American Psychologists Association as that is considered an industry standard. All that you will learn at this level will greatly help you in creating a solid foundation in clinical psychology. Some schools may have placement programs for you which will help you in gaining practical exposure. These may take the form of internships, volunteer work or apprenticeship.

Some schools in Nevada offering clinical psychology degrees that you can consider are College of Southern Nevada, University of Nevada – Las Vegas, University of Nevada – Reno, Nevada State College, and Sierra Nevada College. You may find relevant programs here that may assist you during your clinical psychology career.

Jobs in this sector can be found in the public or private sector hospitals, clinics, counseling centers, research centers, multinational companies, and so on. You must also explore the education sector where you may be able to teach your field due to your level of qualification. The average annual salary for clinical psychologists in Nevada is about $53,000 ( whereas employment growth over the current decade is roughly 22% (

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