Clinical Psychology Schools in Missouri

Of the many branches of psychology, clinical psychology deals with the human mind, psychology and emotions. It starts with the diagnosis and identification of the psychological issue. It then moves on to the treatment of the problem which is usually a corrective course of action using various psychological principles and theories. Finally, to ensure that the issue or problem does not relapse, a clinical psychologist must develop techniques and exercises to prevent so.

If this is something you are interested in then perhaps you could pursue a career in clinical psychology. You must have a genuine interest in wanting to help people through their problems, be they psychological or emotional. It is important be a good listener and you must possess communication and interpersonal skills.

To get into this field professionally, you must be adequately qualified. You must possess relevant and recent academic qualifications as this field has certain quality standards that need to be maintained. Look for clinic psychology programs offered by accredited schools in Missouri. You may be required to hold a Masters or Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and if you wish to practice you may need to give some certification and licensing exams.

Some schools where you can seek clinical psychology qualification in Missouri include Evangel University and Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Also visit the American Psychological Association website at This resource will help you learn more about the market, industry dynamics, career options, industry news, and so on.

The average annual salary for clinical psychologists in Missouri is $53,000 ( Job opportunities can be found in the public or private sector as Clinical Psychologists, Counselor, Research Specialist, Child Psychologist, Adult Psychologist and so on. Job in the education sector such as Research Assistant, Assistant Professor should also be explored.

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