Clinical Psychology Schools in Michigan

Clinical psychology is an important area of psychology and is a perfect career choice for people who are interested in a fulfilling career and for those enjoy working with people. This area of study deals with the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of psychiatric problems, mental illness and mental disorders. Clinical psychologists provide services to clients of all ages with different psychological disorders. They work to prevent disorder and improve the adjustment and personal development of individuals, families and groups.

Most clinical psychologists have an undergraduate degree specifically in clinical psychology, sometimes in other disciplines. Most positions in this field however require a Masters or Doctorate. These degree programs might train the students with a range of techniques and theoretical approaches in dealing with various psychiatric disorders. The kinds of courses that may be offered in these programs are research, psychological assessment, psychotherapy, clinical research methods, treatment of psychological disorders, physiology, communication skills and so on.

Some clinical psychology schools in Michigan that you can look up are Madonna University, Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Western Michigan University, University of Michigan – Flint, University of Detroit Mercy and Michigan School of Professional Psychology.

There are several areas in the clinical psychology field that one can specialize in for example substance abuse, health psychology, emotional disturbances, mental health, learning disabilities etc. Graduates of clinical psychology can chose to work in private practice, hospitals, government or academic settings. There is a greater demand for clinical psychologists now because of the rising need for qualified mental health care professionals. This has also caused employment in psychology to grow faster than average.

As a matter of fact, the growth in employment of psychologists over this decade has been estimated to be 22% by The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Furthermore, the average annual salary of clinical psychologists in Michigan is roughly $57,000 (

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