Clinical Psychology Schools in Kansas

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the growth in employment of psychologists over this decade is about 22% ( The average annual salary for clinical psychologists in Kansas is $51,000 ( These statistics paint a favorable picture for those who are interested in starting a career in clinical psychology.

If you are interested in studying in Kansas, then you should thoroughly research various clinical psychology schools in your area. In the state of Kansas, there are many accredited psychology schools where you can start and pursue your career as a clinical psychologist. These schools are Emporia State University, University of Kansas and MidAmerica Nazarene University. Here, you may find experience faculty members that will facilitate you in your journey to become fully fledged clinical psychologists.

You may need a doctoral level degree to start your career in clinical psychologist. Later on you may have to give licensing exams that depends on the state you wish to practice in. Some programs may require students to undergo practical training so that they get an understanding of how the learned concepts can be applied in practical situations and settings with patients. This is a vital component of the learning process.

There are a number of areas where you can apply your learning in such as mental development, grief management, counselor, therapist, child psychology, family and marriage, stress and anxiety management and similar areas. Your primary responsibility will be to accurately identify and diagnose what the patient’s mental, emotional or psychological issues are. After which you must successfully and effectively develop and implement a gradual corrective strategy.

It depends on your inclination and interest that ultimately help you choose your area of expertise. You should also look at the possibility of entering the education sector in the field. Perhaps you could teach at a school or as a teacher’s assistant. This will help you work alongside a professional and can prove valuable in terms of learning and exposure.

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