Clinical Psychology Schools in Iowa

Iowa is one of the popular states to study psychology due to popularity of its public and private universities. Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa and University of Iowa are the state universities where earning a clinical psychology degree might be your dream. To turn your dream into reality you have to make some efforts. Certain steps must be taken to easily make your way for becoming a clinical psychologist.

Earning the highest degree for instance Psy.D and pursuing a license to work are the two major accomplishments which should be on your to-do list. So, go through various educational programs and get registered in one of the accredited clinical psychology schools in Iowa.

A bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology might make you study the human mind and behavior. Problem solving and diagnostic skills are taught during undergraduate program which further leads to a graduate degree in the similar subject. A master’s degree in clinical psychology has courses in personality testing, psychotherapy, cognitive psychology, group therapy and marital and family systems. Clinical training along with intense coursework might sharpen your mind for the better assessment of human behavior.

Furthermore, to be a competent psychologist a doctorate degree is required which enhances the evaluation and research skills. Clinical psychopathology, social bases of behavior, psychobiology and consultation and many subjects are the main focus of a doctorate degree. Therefore, you must pass all these courses and fulfill Iowa psychologist licensure requirements set by the Bureau of Professional Licensure.

As a clinical psychologist diagnosing mental disorders, assessing cognitive, emotional and behavioral issues of children, families and groups might be part of the job. Hospitals, medical care facilities, psychiatry hospitals and private facilities are some of the setting where your services might be required.

In 2011, employed clinical psychologists were 800 in number and were paid mean wage of $65,590 on annual basis (BLS). Hence, your contribution to make lives better as a psychologist might be fruitful in the coming years.

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