Clinical Psychology Schools in Illinois

Psychology has many divisions as it is a vast field that has been benefiting millions of people. In various settings, not only patients discuss their psychological issues with clinical psychologists but in return psychologists also learn a lot from them. It is a trade of knowledge which has been increasing with the passage of time.

A lot of students every year join intriguing field of psychology and if you want to study this subject in Illinois then start off with collecting significant data on clinical psychology schools in Illinois. You also have to go through the employment rate and pay scale of clinical psychologists.

According to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the count of clinical psychologists in 2011 was 4,720 and it was ranked in the top 5 states with highest employment rate. During the same year these psychologists were paid annual mean wage of $68,180.

You may come across many clinical psychology schools but only apply for an accredited one. If you are looking for scholarships or students aid to complete psychology education then Illinois Monetary Award Program and Illinois Dollars for Scholars are some of the monetary opportunities to avail. In fact, a school in which you apply could also provide you assistance.

Shortly after high school you could attain a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology from Alder School of Professional Psychology or Aurora University. 2 years of master’s program in clinical psychology are also offered by Eastern Illinois University or DePaul University in Illinois. A master’s degree program in psychology is obligatory because only then you would be able earn a PhD in clinical psychology. Research work and internship should be completed as per the requirement of licensing board.

With a psychologist licensure attained from Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation you could practice work at any hospital, mental healthcare center or private facility.

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