Clinical Psychology Schools in Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for its beaches and beautiful tropical climate which is why it is considered as a gateway to vacations for people around the nation. It is a state where every other person would like to work and enjoy. Hawaii has best healthcare plans that are used as a model for the rest of the states of the United States.

A great emphasis is given on the preventive care due to which Hawaiians do not have to go for frequent treatments. It also shows the participation and work done by psychologists of the state. A qualified and well prepared team of psychologists at every mental healthcare center or asylum actually ensure good treatment and fast recovery. Anyone could be a psychologist as long say they attain appropriate education.

Psychologists are usually part of hospitals or have their own clinics. The basic degree required for this profession is of bachelor’s level, while a concentration in clinical psychology prepares one for a rewarding career. A master’s in clinical psychology is mandatory to attain a psychologist licensure in Hawaii. Therefore, students should know about the accredited psychology schools in Hawaii and the degrees they offer.

Under the umbrella of State of Hawaii B Plus Scholarship or Kamehameha Post-High Scholarship, financial assistance could be attained. The famous schools for studying psychology in Hawaii are University of Hawaii and Hawaii Pacific University.

A 2 years master’s program may help comprehend research methods, psychological testing, human behaviors, clinical assessment methods and psychopathology. Hands-on clinical experience and research both prepare students for a professional career. Additionally, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs provide licensure to work legally in Hawaii without which one cannot get employed.

Employment areas for clinical psychologists are nursing homes, hospitals, mental healthcare facilities, private facilities and schools. There were 550 clinical psychologists who worked at various levels in Hawaii and their calculated average salary on yearly basis was $94,960 in 201 (BLS).

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