Clinical Psychology Schools in Connecticut

The average annual salary for clinical psychologists in Connecticut is $67,000 ( The growth in employment of psychologists is roughly 22% over the course of this decade – in other words, roughly 37,000 plus new jobs in this field could be created as forecasted by The Bureau of Labor Statistics . These statistics paint a favorable picture for those who are interested in pursuing clinical psychology as a field of study or a possible career path. 

But what is clinical psychology? It is one of the many branches of psychology. It primarily deals with the human mind, psyche and emotions. It attempts to understand the motivation behind why people behave and think the way they generally do. Clinical psychologists work to provide psychological support and relief to troubled and emotionally distressed patients. Patients can include children and adults alike.

Education is the key to success and freedom. The best way to make a name for oneself in the industry starts with gaining academic experience and understanding the fundamentals of any subject. To become a clinical psychologist a Masters or a Doctorate may be a requirement set by industry standards. Clinical psychology schools should serve as a starting point of your career in this industry. Look for programs and courses nearest to you and those that fulfill your career specialization. Do also explore the possibility of virtual learning as schools and colleges may give that facility to students. This may enhance your learning experience and journey while increasing your opportunities.

You may find work in the public or private sector. Work in either sector can usually be found in clinics, hospitals or research facilities. Working as a clinical psychologist for large companies to treat and help employees is also a possibility. Some programs may require you to gain practical experience and this can be found by interning or volunteering with senior psychologists. Some employers require you to earn Connecticut state’s psychologist certification. Therefore, get started with your academic training right away.

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