Child Psychology Schools in West Virginia

You would be interested to learn that Mother’s Day was first observed and celebrated in West Virginia in 1908. It is also a mountainous state that has the oldest population by state with a median age of 40 years. It is also the first state where the first sales tax went into effect. Therefore, a lot is happening and has happened in West Virginia.

The quickest way to kick start or accelerate your career in child psychology is by acquiring recent and relevant academic qualifications. Child psychology which is also known as development psychology is one of many diverse branches of psychology. It mainly deals with the study and observation of the mental and psychological growth of a child from infancy through to adolescence. The purpose is to treat and prevent any psychological or mental problems while at the same time ensuring the child develops into a stable and well rounded individual.

The West Virginia University offers various degrees and courses in developmental psychology which you should explore. Bethany College, American Public University System, Alderson-Broaddus College, Fairmont State University and Marshall University are just some of the many schools that you can explore for child psychology programs and courses. Be sure to understand each programs entrance requirements before applying.

You will come across a number of new and exciting courses that will help you understand what you need to about developmental psychology. With the help of these courses, you will learn various theories, concepts and researches that will greatly assist you during your career or future schooling. Some of these courses may include Behavioral Analysis, Clinical Child Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Life Span Developmental Psychology, Communication Skills, Research and Statistics and many others.

The annual salary for child psychologists in West Virginia is $43,000 ( You should look into schools, colleges, hospitals and clinics for potential job opportunities. Some of the employers in this state include West Virginia University and Enterprise Medical Services.

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