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With over one hundred quality colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, students can attain a degree in Child Psychology. The schools are reputable and offer a selection of psychology programs to build a child psychology profession. To be a child psychologist one must have a passion for people in general. Some individuals prefer to work with young children and those in their adolescent. If you are one of those individuals consider attending one of Pennsylvania colleges or universities.

There are career opportunities in the Child Psychology profession including working in hospitals, clinics, schools and juvenile courts. The optimal goal of anyone studying child psychology is to reach for the highest level of education. Child psychology careers begin with studying certificate, associate or bachelor degree type programs. A student that successful completes a certificate and associate can work as counselor and psychologist aids. Students who complete a bachelor’s degree program in psychology can work as assistants to psychologists and researchers.

Specialist and Doctrine degree programs are required to obtain a license with the State of Pennsylvania to practice. The salary average for psychologists in the state according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $73,620.  In Pennsylvania the report stated that Pennsylvania had five thousand and seven hundred and thirty individuals employed in the psychology profession. The employment rate is higher than other U.S. states.

There are over one hundred accredited colleges and universities including online in Pennsylvania. The school that offers online programs is Arcadia University. Students can study for an associate degree at the Bucks county Community College. Other schools in Pennsylvania are the following: Chestnut Hill College, Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, Mansfield Univ., Pennsylvania State Univ. and Washington & Jefferson College. Those are some of the colleges and universities. The other colleges and universities in the state offers certificate, associate, bachelor, master and doctrine psychology programs.

Most Psychology graduates with a state license can specialize in child development, marriage & family counseling and therapy. The opportunities in child psychology are promising in the state of Pennsylvania.

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