Child Psychology Schools in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma the Child Psychology field is a great profession to explore. There are a variety of program specialties in psychology including Child Psychology. Students can study the developmental and behavioral patterns of children beginning at the age of infant to adolescent. Child Psychology graduates with an associate, bachelors, masters, specialists or doctoral degree can earn from $30,000 to $100,000 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The State of Oklahoma contains over thirty colleges and universities that offer Psychology programs including cities such as, Langston, Lawton, Miami, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Chickasha.

People who love working with children can work in clinics, hospitals, schools and the court systems in many cities in Oklahoma. The career opportunities are limitless with a quality education and certification. Start your program that’s fulfilling and rewarding at a college or university in the state. There are online classes offered at some of the schools. For those students that prefer to attend classes on campus there are numerous colleges.

Associate graduates can earn up to $30,000 annual. An Associate degree is attainable in approximately two years. Most associate graduates continue their education while employed. To enhance their career some may continue their education at a university in Oklahoma. Bachelor graduates can earn approximately $37,000 to $50,000.

Graduates with a specialist or doctoral degree can earn up to $100,000. Psychology doctoral graduates who are certified that practice can earn over $100,000. Most success of any profession and career is based on an individual’s determination and commitment.

Most of the schools including colleges and universities are accredited. Students can select programs to attain from an Associate to Doctoral degree in Child Psychology. If your goal is to become a child psychologist you can select one of the well-known schools in Oklahoma including Langston University, Oklahoma City University, Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College, Mid-America Christian University, Oklahoma City University and others. Each school offer different psychology programs. Therefore, the student must ensure the program they want to major is offered at the school of his or her choice.

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