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New York is a northeastern state known world-wide for the Statue of Liberty and the immense number of immigrants the state has welcomed to its shores. New York is the third most populous state, but more than 40% of its people live in New York City; much of the remainder of the state features a surprising amount of farmland, forests, mountains, parks and lakes. The state’s economy is largely based upon agriculture, publishing, tourism and the manufacturing of chemical products, electrical equipment and scientific instruments.

Child Psychology

Child psychologists study and research the emotional, social, mental and physical aspect of people in their formative years. They use this knowledge to provide counseling and other mental health services to young people and their parents, including treatment plans.

Because the formative years are so important in developing a person’s emotional foundation, mental constructs and social habits, it’s vital that any behavioral issues in these areas get dealt with at a young age before they become engrained into the fabric of a person’s life.

Child psychology is a rewarding field because it’s a powerful way to affect changes in a child, helping the child to thrive and grow by overcoming developmental problems that can, if left untreated, lead to depression, anxiety or mental illness later in life.

Educational Requirements

For some positions, particularly in the federal government, a bachelor’s degree is considered sufficient, but a bachelor’s isn’t sufficient for those who want to provide direct patient care. Common topics of study at the undergraduate level include developmental psychology, communication, ethics, cultural diversity, childhood education and parental education.

Most positions require at least a master’s degree program, which focuses upon advanced coursework and research in developmental psychology. Many master’s and doctoral programs also require a supervised internship. The educational requirements for child psychologist vary from state to state. All practicing child psychologists must acquire a state license, though the type of license will vary with the type of degree the person possesses.

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