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New Mexico is a state in the Southwest known for its mountains, high plains, deserts and hot, dry summers. The state houses the highest percentage of Hispanics and the second-highest percentage of Native Americans of any state.  New Mexico’s economy is largely based upon tourism and the production of oil and gas. The federal government is a major employer in the state.

Steps in Becoming a Child Psychologist

Childhood psychology is a specialized branch of psychology that focuses upon the development and behavior of young people, from conception to adulthood. Child psychologists deal with the milestones, behavioral problems, social skills, mental health and emotional well-being of their patients.

The first step in becoming a child psychologist is to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Courses should include child development, statistics, communication and family dynamics. While in school, it’s a good idea to volunteer in hospitals or counseling centers. Working with professional psychologists in this manner can provide hands-on experience not available in undergraduate classrooms.

Though there are a few job positions in psychology that only require a bachelor’s degree, most positions require at least a master’s degree. If you choose to pursue a master’s degree, it’s important to get a good score on the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) in order to boost your application to graduate school. Some master’s degree programs are available online.

After graduate school, many aspiring child psychologists choose to enter an internship, which can last from one to two years. This allows them to get their feet wet in the field while working with a professional child psychologist who coaches and monitors them.

Some aspiring child psychologists choose to get a doctoral degree, which offers them wider opportunities in the profession. The final step is to get a license, which is required for practicing child psychology in any state in the nation. The type of license granted will depend upon the level of education achieved and the particular state the psychologist practices in.

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