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Though Michigan is known primarily for its auto industry, it is a leader in research and development and boasts some excellent colleges and university. The state borders four of the five Great Lakes, and is one of the leading states in recreational boating. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in particular offers great opportunities for recreation and tourism. Michigan ranked eighth in population in the 2010 census, and its numerous metropolitan areas provide many job opportunities for psychologists.

Child psychology is the study of the developmental stages in a young person’s life, extending from birth to the end of adolescence. Child psychologists study the growth and development of personality in all its aspects—sexual, emotional, cognitive and social. They monitor the development of children as they grow older in order to help gain perspective in understanding how to better help them.

Child psychologists work with young people who are trying to cope with issues like physical abuse, trauma, family issues, learning disabilities, addiction and eating disorders. Young clients sometimes choose to seek help from a psychologist themselves, but normally the initiative is taken by parents, schools or the justice system.

Some of the specific duties of a child psychology include:

  • Accessing and treating mental health problems
  • Counseling children in stressful situations
  • Consulting with parents, teachers and physicians
  • Creating healthy environments in schools, treatment centers and correctional facilities
  • Testifying in criminal and custody cases
  • Researching way to improve the welfare of children

Recommendations for Education

There are limited options in this field for people who only hold a bachelor’s degree. There are some good child psychology positions that only require a master’s degree, but job options are normally more plentiful and better-paying for those who hold a PhD or PsyD degree in clinical or counseling psychology. The PsyD has recently become a popular alternative to a PhD for people whose primary interest is in counseling rather than in performing research.

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