Child Psychology Schools in Kansas

Kansas is a Midwestern American state that is bounded by Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and Oklahoma. Apart from private colleges listed below, there is only one public school that offers child psychology education and training in the Kansas, i.e. University of Kansas. Founded in 1866 in Lawrence, the University offers enrollment to over 28,697 students and along with Child Psychology, also offers career counseling, health psychology and counseling psychology.

About the program

Child psychology at University of Kansas can be studied as an under-graduate subject or graduate degree program. This includes bachelors program of 4 years and a doctoral program for further specialization. The graduate as well as doctoral program is highly competitive and requires extensive research and practical skills.

Besides core courses pertinent to the child psychology, other courses in the under-graduate degree include intervention strategies with children, neuropsychology and child intervention. Students also gain complete orientation and skills regarding statistical research, social environment and analytical methods required for healthy practice.

The University of Kansas charges an annual fee of $7,953 for students within the Kansas state and $19,545 from students outside of Kansas. For residents, grant and scholarship facility is also available and in 2010 alone, scholarships of 25 million were awarded to students (out of which 44% is provided as federal loans that have to be returned to the state).

How much does a child psychologist make in Kansas?

The average annual income of child psychologist working full time in Kansas can range from $32120 to $84660 (with an average of $55960).

All practicing and licensed child psychologists are registered under Kansas Psychological Association and all licensing and regulatory activities are managed by Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board

According to the estimates of 2010, almost 21 students graduated as Child Psychologist from the University of Kansas. A steady rise has been observed in the growing interest in the number of students and qualifying child psychologists in the recent years. It has been suggested that a rise of 110% has been observed in the number of graduating students in child psychology discipline between the years 2006 to 2010.

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