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Skills Needed for a Child Psychologist in California

A child psychologist is trained in developmental psychology, covering the time period from conception to the end of adolescence. Child psychologists study the growth and development of personality in all its aspects.

In general, psychologists need to possess an innate curiosity about human nature and behavior and a willingness to depend upon proven scientific principals and methods to better understand this behavior and to help their clients change for the better. Child psychologists must possess the patience and skill to communicate with young people who in many cases lack the cognitive and verbal capacity to describe their needs and feelings. These professionals must have considerable emotional stability in order to maintain perspective and focus, because working with disturbed and abused children can be emotionally challenging.

Specific job duties depend on the area of specialization, but here a few examples:

  • Diagnosing and treating learning difficulties or developmental disabilities
  • Dealing with behavioral issues
  • Administering psychological tests to young people
  • Conducting research on child development
  • Working with a health care team to create treatment plans

Places of Work
Because of the growing demand for licensed child psychologists, these professionals normally have little trouble finding work in schools, orphanages, child welfare offices, hospitals and mental health clinics. Instead of working for an organization, some specialists open their own practice, allowing more time to focus on each patient.

The average salary in California for a child psychologist, according to, is $84,580, with the minimum salary being $40,900 and the maximum $117,260.

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