Psychology Careers and Licensure in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming has been named “Equality State” because it pioneered various rights for women. The state was the first to grant women the right to vote as well as serve as a jury member in judicial trials. Wyoming in 2011 was recorded to have a population of 568,158. In the next four years the demand for psychologists is expected to increase by 12%. 2012 has seen a 2.3% growth in the GDP of the state and non-agricultural employment increased by 1.3 % ( By considering these percentages, it could be concluded that psychology careers in Wyoming would be ideal for highly qualified professionals of this state as well as for outsiders.


Mineral extraction and tourism are the main economic industries of Wyoming. The state claims to have the largest coal deposits in the nation. Their natural gas productivity is ranked second in the country. Moreover, Wyoming has the fifth highest output of crude oil in the entire United States. The state also has the highest deposit of mineral trona used in the production of soap, glass, paper, water softeners and even pharmaceuticals in the entire world. Wyoming has six national parks that are visited by six million tourists annually.

Industrial-organizational psychologists aid in improving the efficiency and work routine of the human resources department of companies in the mining and extraction sector. They can function as mediators that balance the needs of human resources and management. In the tourism industry, behavioral psychologists could advise appropriate modes and strategies of marketing to encourage tourism in the state.

Educational Requirements

Bachelors Degree

A bachelor’s in psychology is a mandatory requirement to understand the fundamental theories and concepts for their application during professional life. Undergraduates are employed in private and government sectors to aid social work, treat psychologically ill people and eradicate different fears that affect people.

Master’s Degree

A master’s level education allows one to understand and resolve mental unhealthiness. This program prepares one to work in the various fields of marriage and family therapy, substance abuse counseling and educational institutes.

PhD Degree

Doctorate degrees train one to be able to function in clinical and mental health counseling centers. People who work in such professions can earn a PhD degree with a concentration in neurological or social perspectives. Counselors and clinical psychologists are mostly in demand in Wyoming.

Licensure Requirements

One must complete the required education to be a professional in this field. Education must be gained from an institute accredited by the American Psychology Association. One must complete two years of residency during the doctorate program to qualify for licensure. The educational program entails an obligatory 1500 hours of supervised work experience. After receiving a doctoral degree, students have to complete two years or 3000 hours of supervised practice. The individual must pass the EPPP or the Exam for Professional Practice in Psychology, which is a general national requirement.

Career Opportunities

Clinical and Educational Psychologists

Demand for clinical and school psychologists in the state of Wyoming is expected to rise by 25%. Moreover, mental health counselor’s demand is expected to rise by 34.4%. Hospitals, healthcare centers, private facilities and community care centers are some of the areas for clinical psychologists to work in, while educational psychologists assist students with learning process issues in schools, colleges and universities.


Due to the rise of various social issues that are a result of negative factors and hate crimes prevailing in the society, the need of substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors has increased. The expected employment growth is over 29.3%. Furthermore, in order to maintain the welfare of families in Wyoming, there is an expected increase in the demand for marriage and family therapists by 37% (

Salary Trends

As per 2012 data, the average wage rate for psychologists in Wyoming is recorded to be $69,000 annually.

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