Psychology Careers and Licensure in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a state that is historically famous for its political reforms. The state was the first to develop programs for teacher’s funds and minimum wage rate policies. These reforms were the first to come up with terms to provide benefits to unemployed and other such workers with compensation acts. Wisconsin was also the state that took the initiative to abolish capital punishment laws.

In 2011, the employment sector began to grow positively at a rate of 1.9%. This growth has increased in 2012 to 2.6%. This is an improvement as compared to the earlier figures of unemployment ( Total population of the state of Wisconsin is 5,363,675, which comprises of 2,714,634 females and 2,649,041 males. To ensure employment to a large population, this state has been introducing many educational programs and various companies are trying to expand their businesses. Psychology careers in Wisconsin will gradually witness an increase as the state is focusing on controlling the unemployment rate.


Wisconsin is the second largest producer of dairy farms in United States of America, after California. Wisconsin is dubbed as “America’s Dairy Land” since 16% of the dairy products of the country comes from this state. Industries have been developed on the basis of the state’s agricultural productivity. There are paper mills in the northern region of the state and other industrial development has been seen in the production of mechanical goods or tools.

Psychologists in Wisconsin could play various roles in different sectors. Animal psychologists can help in the care and development of various livestock for animal farming. Engineering psychologist could aid to formulate more efficient techniques to be used by employees in various avenues of employment. Industrial-organizational psychologists take on a social approach towards human resources to improve their overall performance, which would result in increased productivity.

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors must have at least a bachelor’s degree that would equip them with the ability to perform clinical work along with administering absolute care. Students must be trained well in counseling of individuals and families for issues related to drug abuse and alcohol consumption. They should have the ability to intervene in situations where a person is suffering from a certain type of substance abuse problem and counsel them through therapeutic services. These undergraduates could join hospitals, counseling centers, healthcare centers and might also work in private settings.

Master’s Degree

To pursue the profession of a counselor in the state of Wisconsin, one must have a master’s degree in school counseling and guidance services along with adequate training. With this degree, professionals would take part in vocational, educational, and social as a well as mental development of people.

A master’s degree in marriage and family counseling is a requirement to be a therapist. One gains the ability to diagnose behavioral disorders originating from mental and emotional processing errors and learning to apply them practically. These counselors apply psychotherapeutic techniques to identify symptoms of psychopathology. They could get employed in mental care centers, hospitals and counselor’s offices. They also have the option to open their own clinic.

Moreover, mental health counselors in this state with a master’s degree could serve people at a larger scale. They have the ability to observe and assess individuals through interviews. They have the appropriate knowledge of how to aid people with personal or emotional crises and how to perform group counseling to help them. Their need has been seen in hospitals, government agencies, prisons, mental health care centers, and private facilities.

License Requirements

In order to earn a license as a psychologist in the state of Wisconsin, one must complete 3,000 hours of supervised fieldwork. This work experience can be gained during master’s education but at least 1,500 hours must be completed after earning a doctoral degree. The minimum requirement to be a psychologist is a doctoral degree from an accredited educational institute and to pass the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology.

Career Opportunities


Among several social problems, one of the leading issues in the nation is substance abuse. The predicted rise in employment for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors is 11.3%. The expected rise in employment opportunities for marriage family therapists is 6% since the well being of society depends on the development of family welfare institutions.

Educational and Clinical Psychologists

As Wisconsin aims to strive forward and progress in the future, it is concerned about the future contributing members of society. This is why educational, vocational, and school counselors are expected to increase in demand in the next six years by 3.9%. Mental health counselors have the highest increase in demand of over 24%, which is higher than all other kinds of therapists and psychologists. Educational psychologists are mostly found working in schools, colleges, and universities and they also manage educational programs to provide awareness. Clinical psychologists, on the other hand, spend time with patients in clinics to overlook mental health and alter behavioral changes.

Salary Trends

In the state of Wisconsin, psychologists are recorded to earn an average annual income of $55,000 in 2012 (

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