Psychology Careers and Licensure in Washington

The state of Washington is the 18th most extensive and 13th most populous in United States. It is a big state comprising of cities, counties and metropolitan areas and is considered one of the most advanced places centering all sorts of occupations. This state has borders with Canadian province of British Columbia and with the marine. The metropolitan areas are known for great businesses, transportation and thriving industries employing thousands of workers.

The standard of living is quite high which means that the unemployment rate is low, inflation is stable and people have good incomes with comfortable living standards. Among prospering businesses of this state; design and manufacture of aircrafts, computer software development, telecom, mining, real state, retail, beverages and tourism are in demand. Boeing, Microsoft,, Jones Soda, John L. Scott and Starbucks are the top organizations of Washington. Thus there are wide career opportunities for qualified professionals.

Psychology careers in Washington are among some of the promising careers, which individuals could choose on the basis of interest and academic background. These careers are not just in demand but can be a way to acquire top positions at work.


Population of Washington state recorded by the United States Census Bureau was 6,830,038 on July 1, 2011. The industries that are employing the highest number of people in this state are professional and business services with 13,400 jobs, manufacturing with 12,000, retail trade with 9,800 and education and health services with 5,600 jobs during 2011 and 2012. All the big giants such as, Microsoft and Boeing are operating in this state and are hiring more people compared to small firms.

Psychologists in this state are employed in different industries. They work as clinical psychologists in the healthcare industry, school psychologists in education and health services, and industrial-organizational psychologists in the manufacturing industry.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

The Washington Department of Labor indicated that jobs within sectors of health and professional services are increasing more with time. Substance abuse social workers, employment and recruitment specialists, health educators and health service managers are some fastest growing occupations that require a bachelor’s degree.

Master’s Degree

Those who have earned a master’s degree can get employed in manufacturing and service sectors within the social assistance field. These psychologists have mathematical skills and knowledge to comprehend situations properly, which employers find appealing. These practitioners can work in in big corporations, private businesses, correctional facilities, counseling centers, public and private healthcare organizations and other nonprofit organizations.

Doctoral Degree

With a PhD degree, you might be in a strong position to get employed in reputed industries of Washington. On the other hand, specialized areas like experimental, industrial-organizational, clinical, sports and social psychology have also been gaining importance with the passage of time.

Licensing Requirements

The state of Washington requires individuals to get a license to practice work legally. The requirements for this license include supervised specialist work experience of 3300 hours. This can also be done while you are acquiring a doctorate degree. Next, you would have to download the licensure form and submit it along all the supporting documents and fees. Once this procedure is done, the board representing the professional practice in this discipline would allow you to sit for the Examination of Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).

Career Opportunities

Clinical and Counseling Psychologists

According to the 2012 Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates of Washington Statewide, clinical, counseling, & school psychologists held about 1,996 jobs with a growth rate of 1.4% ( Prominent employers are Healthcare Resource Network, the Air Force, Bellevue School District and Seattle.

Education Psychologists

Post-secondary psychology teachers had around 826 jobs and all other psychologists had 350 jobs with an average annual growth rate of 1.1% from 2011 to 2013. Education Psychologists are specialists in studying the mind and human behavior to resolve a child’s psychological and emotional issues. Some firms that these professionals can look into are Progressus Therapy, LLC, and Northwest Educational Service District.

Salary Trends

As of May 2012, psychologists in Washington earn $75,000 per year in 2012 on average (

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