Psychology Careers and Licensure in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is in the Southeastern region of United States. It is bordered with the states of North Carolina and Georgia on one side and Atlantic Ocean on the other. It is the 40th most extensive region of United States. The big cities of South Carolina are Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston and Mount Pleasant. These cities are are major contributors to the expanding economy of this state. Economic conditions are favorable and major industries are playing a significant role to increase the welfare of the people.  Psychology careers in South Carolina are said to have a good demand in almost every sector. Psychologists could be a vital part of companies and can help run businesses smoothly, effectively and efficiently.


South Carolina has a population of 4,679,230. The huge workforce is a part of leading industries of manufacturing, trade, retail, healthcare, education and leisure. The economy is highly enriched and plenty of employment opportunities could be found in various sectors.  This state has 1,852,700 non-farm jobs, including 12% jobs in manufacturing, 19% in trade, 11.5% in leisure and hospitality, and 11.8% in education and health services.

The long-term employment projection in manufacturing by the year 2018 is 232,732, whereas in health care and social assistance, it’s 253,387. South Carolina’s economy covers 83.7% of the service sector. On the other hand, industrial sector contributes greatly with major companies specializing in paper products, chemical products, machinery, textile goods, automotive products and tourism. Psychologists can work in one of these industries as research, forensic, clinical, and educational psychologists. Projected employment of clinical psychologists is 1,601, with an annual average percent change of 0.9%.

Education Requirements

Doctorate and master’s degrees are high in demand in this state. These degrees are required in most of the reputed firms of the state.

Bachelor’s degree

The largest employing industries of psychologists with a bachelor’s degree are in retail and wholesale trade, business, community and personal service sectors. Other job opportunities are in tourism, recreation and private health care settings. Moreover, military bases, public schools and hospitals are seen to be the third largest segment in the state’s service sector.

Masters degree

Due to the cultural and economic shifting in trends, demand for psychologists with advanced degrees has increased. Many employers look for well-qualified master’s degree holders having thorough knowledge of the field and research methods. These psychologists have the ability to apply psychological theories in practice.

Doctorates degree

PhD degrees in this field provide a strong educational base in one of the specialized areas such as, neuropsychology, developmental, forensic, social and experimental psychology. These practitioners can find jobs in places like private practice, prisons, hospitals, court systems, and research departments. According to the South Carolina Employment Security Commission, clinical practitioners are said to have a growth of 15% by 2016 (

Licensing Requirements

The state departments and most employers hire licensed psychologists to practice their work. So after finishing your education, not only would you have to gain experience but you would also have to pass an examination to become licensed. You are required to submit a licensing application once you earn the doctoral degree. This should be submitted to the Carolina Board of Examiners in Psychology.

Once it is approved, a packet for full licensure will be sent to you. This will enable you to sit in the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology. Next step is to earn work experience of 2 years. Once you have completed all the requirements, an application should be submitted to the Board with required forms and fees.

Career Opportunities

Clinical Psychologists: Clinical psychologists treat children and families with emotional disorders, behavioral problems and mental issues, which affect their life completely. For that matter, they conduct interviews, and observe and administer treatment programs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some professionals in clinical settings are self-employed and work in private practices. These psychologists are said to have an 11% growth. Some employers with job openings are QuarterLine, CRAssociates Inc. and Federal Staffing Resources.

School Psychologists: School psychologists are known to investigate issues of learning and teaching through different psychological principles. Furthermore, these strategies help in learning problems related to students. Companies hiring these practitioners are Beaufort County School District, The MENTOR Network, The United States Department of Defense, Central Carolina Technical College and South Carolina Department of Mental Health.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologists: Industrial-organizational psychologists serve in administration, marketing and sales and management departments of companies by applying principles of psychology. Their work tasks include employee testing, policy planning, and training and development. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that employment in this area will have 26% annual growth. (

Salary Outlook

Psychologists in the state of South Carolina earn average annual income of $59,000. (

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