Psychology Careers and Licensure in Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island is located in the New England region. It is small in area but is the 2nd most densely populated state of the U.S. It is connected by states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. The state has seen a quick economic development and the industries contribute greatly in this process. In the past, industries of tool making, silverware and jewelry were very important but today the service sector of this state has grown with high concentration of jobs.

Although, agriculture also serves this state significantly, other industries like health and tourism are equally important. High valued products are manufactured and quality services are provided to enhance the economy and overall conditions of people living here. Choose your career wisely to enhance your position and status. You would be able to take care of your family needs properly and a good standard of living would be achieved. Psychology careers in Rhode Island could be chosen because of the flourishing economy of the state. Individuals could have a chance to practice their skills properly with advanced research and counseling.


The top employers are State of Rhode Island, Lifespan Hospital Group, and U.S. federal government, Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence and Care New England. Employment rate is growing mainly due to the increasing population of Rhode Island which is 1,051,302, as estimated by the United States Census Bureau in 2011.

Rhode Island has many mounting industries and a bundle of opportunities are available in manufacturing, retail, trade, agriculture, tourism and many other companies. Employment in this state is predicted to increase by around 40,000, with a rate of 7.8% till 2018. The largest gains are witnessed in healthcare and social assistance with 13,325 jobs and professional, scientific and technical services with 6,332 jobs. The hospitals employment projection is 3,113, social assistance projection is 2,978 and nursing & residential care facilities projection is 2,876.

On the other hand, a decent growth may be seen in educational services with 4,691 jobs and retail trade with 3,625 jobs ( Psychologists are mostly employed in life, physical, and social science occupational groups. Their projected employment till the year 2018 is 4,252 with a percent change of 14.2%. Industries of manufacturing, health and education can make good use of professionals in psychology.

Education Requirements

In Rhode Island, for achieving success individuals must have a strong educational background.

Bachelor’s degree

Rhode Island’s largest employing sectors are hospitals and human services, offering lots of jobs to undergraduates in psychology. You could work as a data collection analyst and communicator, human behavior counselor, or vocational therapist. The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training indicates that residential, hospitals, ambulatory, educational services and scientific and technical services mostly employ psychologists with an undergraduate degree.

Master’s degree

Social assistant jobs require a master’s degree in social psychology. These psychologists are skilled in researching and analyzing data and results to understand the lives of people at present and how they are changing. Individuals look for qualified experts of this field for assistance and organizations hire them to help manage change, as this state is said to go through tough economic times in near future.

Doctorate’s degree

Those who have opted for majors in social, experimental, developmental, health psychology and neuropsychology might encounter plenty of attractive job opportunities. Their work environment might be in research labs, correctional institutions, hospitals, universities, private practices, social agencies etc.

Licensing Requirements

Licensing is necessary in Rhode Island to practice your desired field of work. It can be done by completing formal education. Right after this, a supervised experience of two years is to be earned. Students must complete one year of work after receiving the doctorate degree while the other year could be completed during an internship.  Each year’s experience should be of 1500 hours. Next is to obtain the license form and submitting it to the Rhode Island Office of Health Professionals Regulation Board of Psychology. Once your application is approved, you would have to sit for the National Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.

Career Opportunities

Psychology field offers wide career opportunities. The prospects of employment are positive and work experience could also be acquired through volunteering for organizations like Volunteer Center of Rhode Island (Providence).

Clinical, Counseling and School Psychologists

The projected employment of these psychologists estimated by the RI Occupational Projections is 694 till the year 2018 ( They are famous for diagnosing and treating mental disorders, behavioral and emotional problems and learning disabilities in groups, families or children. In this state, few employers that hire these psychologists are North Smithfield School Department, Portsmouth School District and Spectrum Healthcare Resources.

Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors

By the year 2018, the projected employment growth for psychologists is 795, estimated by the RI Occupational Projections ( These practitioners offer support services to deal with adults, children and families having issues regarding careers, schooling and mental health.

Mental Health Counselors

The predicted employment growth for mental health counselors is 671 as estimated by the RI Occupational Projections. Some famous employers that make use of mental health counselors are Community Counseling of Bristol County, Riverside Community Care and Baystate Health.

Salary Outlook

Psychologists in Rhode Island earn an average of $69,000 per year as reported in 2012 (

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